We recruit skilled/unskilled applicants to offshore oil rigs.

OilRigJobs-SA supports the global oil and gas industry by providing highly efficient personnel to offshore platforms (rigs) around the world. What's more, no experience is necessary as unskilled workers are also in high demand. We have been in the business since 2004 and specialize in helping people enter the oil industry for the first time. OilRigJobs-SA is a trading name of a US registered company 'Gilford Gatehouse West Management LLC'.

No, we don't send your resume out to a whole lot of companies like most other recruiters do as we feel this is a waste of your time and ours as well as a waste of money and resources. What we do is take the hassles out of the initial interviewing and the risk of *maybe* being selected for the position which would be the normal case should you apply directly by yourself. You do not have to drive around for all the interviewing and screening. What happens is that we do all of this for you for a small once-off (Hence the once-off service fee) via correspondence so that you don't have to do a thing. All of this then guarantees the actual employer that the applicant has been successfully interviewed, screened and complies with the requirements for the position.

After payment, a consultant will get in touch with you to collect any further info and start the process rolling. It should all take around 3 to 4 working days when all will be done without you having to do a thing. After these few days, you will be notified about the actual starting date where a final interview will take place but not to worry, this interview is merely a formality. The position will already be secured, so the 'interview' is just to see in which department you will be posted.


United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa & New Zealand.

Our Crew

L. Helderman (ceo), B. Shelly (chairman), M. Mansour (manager), W. Riley (manager), S. Odendaal (human resources), Q. Becker (sales), S. Statham (customer services)